abstract 怎么写:药品游说


abstract 怎么写:药品游说

草根阶层和选民抱怨帕尔马公司抬高药品成本的影响。《2003年医疗处方药改进和现代化法案》的通过显示了价格谈判如何帮助管理者获得14%的利益(Gray, Hanson和Kousser 29)。因此,人们继续质疑游说者的努力。高昂的药品价格被认为是游说的根本原因。在这种情况下,人们会间接地游说他们的代表,控制药品泛滥的影响,以维持信誉。政府立法的目的是帮助人民的某些派别。在通过立法的过程中,总会有一些游说的努力。关键的问题是它对谁有利以及它服务的目的是什么。游说被认为是一种自然的运作过程,其根源在于满足人民的需求。代表和当选官员试图保持立法是为了满足各自选民的需要而通过的形象。

abstract 怎么写:药品游说

In this analysis there will be the specific focus on the Pharmaceutical lobbying. These are the age old lobbying efforts that continue to resonate in the lives of all the people. It is estimated that all people at some point would require medical assistance. Hence in this analysis the issue of pharmaceutical lobbying is focused. One of the most important lobbying group is the Pharmaceuticals. They are responsible for the health cost and health care in the nation. These pharmaceutical companies spent millions to pass a legislations. Each big pharmaceutical company spends around 100 million to assuage the government for their cause. There are more than 1274 lobbyists who are registered in the Washington DC to make their cause. It is imperative for the lobbying groups to state the exact amount they spend on the lobbying efforts. These lobbyists and the lobbying groups have to maintain transparency of their operations. This is a controversial issue, and there is obscurity of the processes that have been mentioned as issues by the people.
The grassroots and the electorate complain about the influence of the Parma companies to drive up drug costs. The passage of “ Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003” shows how the price negotiations helped the managers gain benefits of 14% (Gray, Hanson and Kousser 29). Hence the people continue to question the efforts of the lobbyists. The high prices of drugs have been considered to be the root causes of the lobbying. In this situation there is indirect lobbying by the people toward their representative to control the rampant impact of the pharmaceuticals to maintain credibility. Government legislation is designed to help a certain factions of the people. There is always some lobbying efforts that is found in passing of a legislations. The critical question is that who it benefits and what purpose it serves.Lobbying is considered to be a natural course of operations that stems to meet the requirements of the people. The representatives and the elected officials try to maintain the persona that the legislations are passed to meet the respective needs of the electorate.