assignment 代写:澳大利亚的四家著名酒店


assignment 代写:澳大利亚的四家著名酒店

本报告是根据澳大利亚四家著名酒店的收入管理编制的,这四家酒店分别是:斯坦福德爵士环岛酒店、四季酒店、悉尼索菲特酒店、温特沃斯索菲特酒店和悉尼海港万豪酒店。酒店Larica有其分公司在环形码头和酒店,它总共有200间客房,节日期间,只有50%的房间为OTB设置(打开书),尽管它已经事先预测,大约120房间仍将OTB附近,这是预测OTB %是60%。由于这四家酒店都是五星级酒店,可以与Larica酒店竞争,因此,这个统计将帮助组织找到衡量竞争的方法。选择这四家酒店最常见的原因是它们都位于悉尼,而Hotel Larica希望在这里开展酒店业务。拉丽卡酒店在吉隆坡有业务,在英国还有三家酒店,在约旦还有一家。
这里选择的酒店来自澳大利亚悉尼。不同之处在于酒店的位置和设计对顾客本身有影响。和其他四家酒店一样,Larica酒店也有自己的特色。Larica酒店的每一个分支都在结构设计上创造了不同,观察当地游客的品味。位于英国的Larica酒店的分支机构有很好的特点,比如它在英国的一个分支机构有一个避难所,这就创造了它自己的不同。计算摘要中给出的日期是从12月开始的,12月是全世界庆祝圣诞节的节日。这是一个休闲度假的时间,所有人都喜欢为自己选择一个度假目的地(Seetaram, 2012)。这段时间旅馆房间的预订很忙。

assignment 代写:澳大利亚的四家著名酒店

This report is based on the revenue management which is being prepared on the revenue earnings of the four popular hotels of Australia, namely Sir Stamford at Circular Quay, Four Season Hotel, Sydney, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth and Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay as compared with the Hotel Larica. Hotel Larica has its new branch at Circular Quay and in that hotel, it has about 200 rooms in total, and at the festive season, only 50% of the rooms are set for OTB (Open to Book), though it has been forecasted beforehand that near about 120 rooms will remain to OTB, which is the forecasted OTB% was 60%. As all the four hotels are five-star hotels and can be the competitors of the Hotel Larica, and so, the tally will help the organization to find the way to measure the competition. The most common reason for choosing these four hotels as all of them are located in Sydney and Hotel Larica wants to start its hotel business in this location.Hotel Larica has its business in Kuala Lumpur, and it has three more hotels in the UK and one more in Jordan.
The hotels which are being chosen here are from Sydney, Australia. The difference lies in the location and design of the hotel which has its impact on the customers itself. Like the other four hotels has their specialty, Hotel Larica also has its significance. Every branch of the Hotel Larica has created a difference in its design of its structure observing the taste of the local tourists. The branches of Hotel Larica located in UK has excellent features, like the one of its branch in UK has a sanctuary, which has created a difference on its own.The date that has been given in the calculations brief is from the month of December which is the festive season celebrating the Christmas throughout the whole world. This is time for taking a leisure holiday, and all people prefer to choose a holiday destination for themselves (Seetaram, 2012). This period has a rush in the booking of the hotel rooms.