电子商务行业遵循的商业模式是通过网络使企业发生。该行业消除了客户访问商店进行购买的需要。此外,消费者有广泛的选择,其中最好的一个可以选择使用。这种轻松创造了许多竞争对手。电子商务平台自带一套交易规则,以确保品牌与客户之间更好的关系。该行业目前充斥着主要的在线商业品牌,如EBay、阿里巴巴和其他专注于不同类型的品牌。客户在很大程度上依赖于可靠性、沟通和访问等因素,买方的决策也因此受到影响。在这部分分析中,我们使用了SWOT, Porter’s five forces, generic strategy等辅助工具对电子商务行业和亚马逊进行了分析。通过这种方式,确定和评估公司维持价值链所遵循的战略。价值链模式非常创新,体现了亚马逊的高成本领先战略。
这些产品的价格都是可以承受的,而且产品差异化策略可以从可供分销的产品种类上看出(Hitt et al., 2014)。该模型根据国家的地位侧重于不同的利基市场。亚马逊非常热衷于利用技术发展,使其业务发展并向全球市场扩张。很明显,这个品牌的商业战略是服务于所有的客户想要的,但在技术上先进的方式。例如,亚马逊Fire TV在品牌意识到有必要进入市场,并将人们推向亚马逊自己的零售产品范围后不久就推出了(Kimble and Bourdon, 2013)。这使得视频流更容易,也为客户增加了便利。亚马逊相信这种形式的增长战略将建立业务和客户。亚马逊遵循Prime会员策略,让客户在众多选择中以低价做出有效决策。


E-commerce industry follows the business model of enabling businesses to happen by means of network. The industry eliminates the need for the customer to visit a store to make a purchase. Additionally, consumer gets a wide range of choices out of which the best one can be selected for use. This ease has rather created a lot of competitors. E-commerce platform comes with a set of trading regulations in order to ensure a better relationship between the brand and the customer. The industry is currently filled with major online business brands such as EBay, Alibaba and other brands that specialize in different genres. Customers rely greatly on factors such as reliability, communication and access and the buyer’s decision is accordingly influenced. In this section of analysis, the e-commerce industry and Amazon are analyzed with supportive tools such as SWOT, Porter’s five forces and generic strategy. By this way, the company’s strategy followed to maintain value chain is determined and evaluated.The value chain model is very innovative and displays high cost leadership strategy of Amazon.
The products are available at affordable prices and moreover, the product differentiation strategy can be witnessed in the variety of products available for the distribution (Hitt et al., 2014). The model focuses on different niche markets depending on the country’s status. Amazon is extremely keen on utilizing technological developments for its business to evolve and expand to global markets. It is evident that the business strategy of this brand is to serve all that the customers want but in a technologically advanced manner. For instance, Amazon Fire TV was launched soon after the brand realized that there is a need to engage into the market and drive people towards Amazon’s own retail product ranges (Kimble and Bourdon, 2013). This has made to video streaming easier and has added ease to customers. Amazon believes that this form of growth strategy will build businesses as well as customers. Prime membership strategy is followed by Amazon to enable the customers to make effective decisions at low prices amidst the large selection.