Nike has observed many circumstances in its process of living up to the expectations and rules framed by the TBL and GRI. For instance, severe allegations of unhygienic and unsecured working conditions, sexual harassments and abuse cases has been put on the factories of Nike in different nations. Nike has been the favorite victim of poor activities being followed in the contracted industries, one of the famous being sweatshop labor case (Wikipedia). This negative image of Nike constructed by the alleged sweatshop scenario led a local community in Canada to disregard and neglect Nike’s donation of $ 50,000 which was meant for development of a basketball court in the neighborhood.
In one of the subsidiaries of Nike in Vietnam, the news came rushing to the ears of many that employees were subjected to long working hours and many of those employees were suffering from respiratory disorders and the company neglected their health issues and continued with the production to achieve the annual goals (Wikipedia). The active members and the leaders from Human rights associations were also up and against the Nike productive sectors when the news came to front that the employees were working in the presence of harmful chemicals such as carcinogens. Since the occurrence of such sever instances Nike formulated a specific set of laws for its suppliers and distributors and they were accepted to follow the formulated CSR values with dignity while in collaboration with Nike or any of its subsidiaries. Nike Inc. did not gave any thought before terminating its business partnership with suhc organzations where these CSR policies couldn’t be accepted.
Nike has an extensive network of CSR strategies which they have gone on to pass to their staff individuals, contracted sectors, suppliers and distributors as well. Nike has also been at the forefront in ensuring that their suppliers, contractors and distributors have received the notice on Nike’s CSR policies and they are being actively followed too. Moreover, Nike has been so much concerned on following the rules and regulations that it doesn’t matter to them if they have to drop any business deal threatening towards socio-economic and ecological damages to the surroundings.