經濟理論認為,當貿易壁壘減少時,商品和資本隨著人力的增加而流動,只要貿易價值平衡,兩國在所有方面都會更加接近。如果一個國家的貿易順差很大,而另一個國家的貿易逆差是其貿易的最終結果,那麼這種關係不會長久,可能會突然被收回。個人在選擇中國產品時可能會有選擇性,一些人可能會高興地看到假冒產品減少了。中國工人可能會不高興,並對其政府和美國政府進行挑釁,以抗議更高的進口關稅(Balding, et al., 2016)。美國企業可能組成聯合企業,與相關部長接洽,就降低關稅進行談判,中國企業也將尋求這樣做。這僅僅是因為他們目前的生活受到了乾擾,他們希望穩定。可以預見,更高的關稅可能會讓大多數貿易商感到震驚,但如果這意味著要清理假冒產品體系,那麼即使以暫時的損失為代價,這也是正確的做法。


Economic theory says that when trade barriers are reduced, the flow of goods and capital along with manpower increases and the two nations come closer in all terms, provided the trade value is balanced. If one country has a large trade surplus and the other has a trade deficit as an end result of their trades, then such a relationship is not long lived and may be recalled abruptly. Individuals may be selective in their approach over choosing Chinese products and some may be happy that the counterfeit products are reduced. Chinese workers may not be happy and react with aggression to its government and that of the US to protest the higher import tariffs (Balding, et al., 2016). US firms may probably make a syndicate to approach the relevant ministers and negotiate a roll back of the tariffs, and Chinese firms will also seek the same. This is simply because their present livelihood is disturbed and would want it to be stable. It can be predicted that the higher tariffs may come as a shock for most traders, but if it meant to clean up the system of counterfeit products, it is the right thing to do even at the cost of a temporary loss.
Chinese firms will hold the view of protectionary measures by Trump and may even go to the WTO with a strong plea. WTO’s policies of removing trade barriers was specially designed and influenced largely by the US to enhance trade for its own corporations. Imposing such tariffs would be against WTO’s policies and could possibly give rise to a global conflict. Trump imposing higher import tariffs is a stand that he made before winning and is poised to implement it now, after winning. The imposing will hurt the Chinese market largely, and to the US traders as well, but if the intent of bringing in the delayed investments back home, it is a good step, as he is doing nothing dissimilar to what a President must be doing. There is backlash from China as they go to the WTO to sort out issues, but the implications of such a move can be somewhat damaging before it becomes stable.