本文主要讲的是人力资源开发,在当前形势下,人力资源开发显得尤为重要。管理专家认为人力资源开发是人力资源管理的子主题;然而,许多研究者从社会经济学的角度对人力资源开发理论进行了扩展。研究人员进一步提供了身体、心理、政治、智力、精神和道德发展等方面的信息(McCracken和Wallace, 2010)。本篇assignment代写文章由澳洲论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The human resource development (HRD) is very important in current scenario. The management experts considered HRD as a sub topic for HRM; however, a lot of researchers have expended this theory of HRD by having a look at it from socioeconomic perspective. The researchers provide it further dimensions like physical, psychological, political, intellectual, spiritual and ethical development (McCracken and Wallace, 2010). HRD is that element of HRM which specially manages the training and development of staff members. It involves training an employee once he gets tired, giving him opportunities to learn fresh capabilities, elevating the services which are useful for carrying out the tasks of staff members and all other development act (Jacobs and Washington, 2013). This report involves the challenges faced by Qantas, the airlines business and using the HRD.
The unlimited potential capacity of this resource can be utilised by creation of circumstances that can constantly establish, recognise, nurture and apply the capacities of individuals. This kind of climate is created by the human resources development. There are different HRD tools which can be used by businesses for assisting the staff members in development of their individual, business, interpersonal skills and for gaining the knowledge and capabilities. The human resources development involves the prospects like the training of staff members, management of performance, coaching, succession planning, training, mentoring, identification of the vital employees, growth and motivation etc.