禁止煙草和煙草製品的促銷將影響產品的銷售和公司的成長。雖然現有用戶將繼續光顧各種品牌,但大量湧入的年輕血液將取代那些因死亡和疾病而失去的人。公民將不必屈從於菸草和煙草產品的耀眼廣告。這些促銷活動對年輕人產生了不應有的影響,他們使用香煙等產品來滿足自己,卻忽視了長期的後果(“吸煙與健康行動”,2013年) ,(凱恩,2014年)。對煙草產品促銷的禁令影響了銷售。然而,煙草公司通過推行營銷策略來對抗政府已經採取的措施,已經反彈(吸煙與健康行動,2015)。他們現在給那些推銷他們產品的個人和機構以豐厚的獎勵。



Banning the promotion of tobacco and tobacco products would affect sales of the products and the growth of the companies. While existing users would continue to patronize the various brands, the influx of young blood to replace those lost through death and disease would dwindle significantly.The citizens would not have to subject themselves to the glaring advertisements of tobacco and tobacco products. These promotions have an undue influence on the young blood, who uses products like cigarettes for gratification while ignoring the long term ramifications (Action on smoking and health, 2013), (Cain, 2014).The ban on promotion of tobacco products has impacted sales. However, tobacco companies have bounced back by adopting push marketing strategies to counter the measures that have been adopted by the government (Action on Smoking and Health , 2015). They now pay handsome incentives to individuals and establishments which promote their products.

They are also using the internet, which is not governed by many laws and also allows for access to young and impressible minds (Action on Smoking and Health , 2015). Although much progress has been made in understanding the process of strategic decision making; it is now clearly understood that despite people being rational- power tends to win in the battle of choice while chance has an effect on the course of strategic decision making (Eisenhardt & Zbaracki, 1992). On re-analysing the strategic decision made with regard to the ban on promotion of tobacco products based on power models, we can see that various parties have vested interests in the occurrence and non-occurrence of the event (French & Gordon, 2015).