这是自古以来就有的现象。很多时候,杂志上的内容是不适合儿童阅读的,或者包含了大量的通奸内容(Willians, 2013)。这些内容通常很容易为孩子们,因为他们可以得到它在他们的家外面。但是,就广播而言,孩子们能看到的每一种内容对所有年龄段的人都有好处。同样,在电视上,可见的内容通常也受到管制。但就印刷媒体而言,情况并非如此。许多通奸杂志可以在不同的商店买到,孩子们很容易就能买到(Anderson et al, 2013)。虽然可以认为,在当今时代,通奸可以通过电视和互联网上的许多其他来源观察到,但这些也可以通过安装一些拦截器或其他软件来控制(Hewege et al ., 2013)。
正因为如此,数字在线媒体被认为对许多人更有用。数字网络文化在当今时代对人们产生负面影响的原因有很多(mosca&quaranta, 2015)。即使在过去,为了阅读新闻,一个人需要停止所有的活动,只专注于印刷媒体。另一方面,人们可以很容易地听到广播新闻在任何时候。因此,自古以来,人们就越来越喜欢纸质媒体(Rasmussen, 2014)。人类互动最关键的作用之一是对肢体语言的监控。很多时候,报纸上刊登的信息是不正确的。但是,由于人们之间的社会联系越来越好,越来越多的人可以在社交媒体上提供特定信息的保证(Yao, 2012)。因此,在线媒体的一个最重要的原因是导致印刷媒体的死亡,因为不同的社交媒体平台的可用性可能被证明是有用的。


This is something which has been observed since the ancient times. Many a times, the content which is available in the magazine is inappropriate for the children or it consists of a number of adultery contents (Willians, 2013). These contents are generally easily available for the children as they can get it outside their homes. But, in case of the radio, each and every content which will be viewed by the children would be good for the people of all ages. Similarly, on television as well, the content which is visible is generally regulated. But in case of print media it is not. Many adultery magazines are available in different shops which can be easily fetched by the children (Anderson et al, 2013). Though it can be argued that in present times, adultery can be observed by a number of other sources in TV and internet but these can also be regulated by the parents by the installation of some blockers or other software (Hewege et al, 2013).
It is because of this that the digital online media is considered to be of more use for many people. There are many reasons why the digital online culture has been impacting the people in an adverse manner in the present times (Mosca& Quaranta, 2015). Even in the past, in order to read news a person needs to stop all his activities and concentrate just on the print media. On the other hand, the people can easily hear the news on radio at any point of time. Thus, the people have been preferring the print media more and more since the ancient times (Rasmussen, 2014).
One of the most pivotal roles for the interaction of human being is the monitoring of the body language. Many times, the information which is published in the newspapers are incorrect. But, because of a better social connection among the people, more and more number of people can give the assurance of specific information on social media (Yao, 2012). Thus one of the most important reason by the online media is contributing to the death of print media is because of the availability of different social media platforms which may prove to be useful.