In some cases the staff can go to the customers to explain about the newer services. This in person communication has always proved to be profitable. This would help the customer understand how the new services will help the consumers. Management wants to see 10% increases in revenue. This can be achieved only by more consumer interaction. More personnel will be hired by the company to ensure that they are able to meet the growing demands of the expansion process.
Jake: Will the newer employees be given additional trainings?
Coach: All the employees will be given training based on the subjective requirements of the situation and their technical skills. It is actually a very intricate process. Company has also decided to develop a coaching plan for each one of you based on your goals and ideals. You can also choose to undertake the several technical training programs that the companies will form in the near future. This will help you reach the goals and also ensure that the company’s objectives are met.
Let us all work together in cohorts as one family to thrive in the current markets. I am not speaking for only economics. This would also boost employee morale and ensure that there is positivity maintained in the lives of the personnel of the company.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Kim: When will the technical trainings be held?
Coach: It will be held soon and the roster will be posted on the employee bulletin board. Any other questions
(Pause and silence was observed)
Coach: OK, then thank you all for your efforts and finding the times to attend the meeting. This has been encouraging. Looking forward to meeting with you all in the future. So tell me how do you feel about the new changes?
Jake: It is kind of expected that companies will make changes. I speak for everyone when I say that we welcome the new changes and feel that we need to develop ourselves for the newer challenges? I am looking forward to meet the new people who are going to join us.
Coach: That is great to hear. Please feel free to talk to me privately about any grievances or apprehensions. You can all choose to talk to me at any point of time. Please ensure that you fill out the feedback forms that are place near the exit door on the left (points to the direction). These feedback forms make us understand about your grievance and your sentiments regarding the various issues that are felt by the company. It is always anonymous. We just want to understand about your sentiments and insights regarding the various issues.