Most of the companies are found to have computers that are used for the simplification of the task. The flexibility offered meets the needs of the accounting department. They have the capability to adapt with the changes. Information technology is used to create flexibility to accommodate the changes. Some of the systems are used for the upgradation of the volume of the transaction increases. The utilization of the electronic envelope is found to reduce the use of papers. Hence, they also address the ways to improve the economic efficiency. The electronic data interchange or the EDI is used for the intercompany exchange of the computer based business information. They are found to exist in the standard format.
There is an inter-organizational endeavour that is used for two or more entities. There are no human intermediaries that are present in the operations to improve the processes or authorize the transactions that are involved. These lead to the development of a pure EDI process in the environment. They are preferred owing to their speed, accuracy. There can also be greater integrity of the processes that can be involved in the systems. The software programs provided that keep track of clients accounting information systems in current times are more efficient and faster. Accountants / Accounts clerk also can manage and organize their client’s history and their documents, such as the supplier’s delivery and payable records, to predict the payable cycle or the other information for analysis.
The software programs stored all the clients’ records. It is more suitable for the reviewer who maybe auditor, director or government. Compared too past, the reviewer need not allot more time in reviewing and spend more time for checking the record. In addition, the storage record in software is easier to protect and not allow the third parties know the confidential information (Hall, 2012; Baskerville and Wood-Harper, 2016). However, there are challenges to this notion of complete productivity that accounting information system promises.