essay 代寫-Microsoft Windows 10 的介紹

05 12月 essay 代寫-Microsoft Windows 10 的介紹

本文是對Microsoft Windows 10 的介紹,該系統為用戶提供了一種協調的體驗,並在不同的設備類之間提供了這樣的功能,解決了該系統早期版本中基於用戶界面的缺點(Singh, 2006)。為了方便用戶,同樣的平台也被引入到移動電話中。 windows運行時應用的生態系統在通用windows平台(UWP)中進行了更新。這類通用的應用程序被開髮用於跨不同的平台和設備類,包括桌面/筆記本電腦、遊戲機和平板電腦/智能手機。本篇essay 代寫文章由澳洲論文人EducationRen教育網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

This system provides a harmonized experience to the user and such functions among different device classes and address the user interface based shortcomings that were present in earlier version of this system (Singh, 2006). The same platform is introduced for the mobile phones as well for the ease of users. The ecosystem of windows runtime app was updated in the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Such apps that are universal are developed to work across different platforms and device classes including desktop/laptops, gaming consoles and tablets/smartphones.
Applications of windows share across the code in different platforms with the employed responsive designs that are adapted to the requirement of available inputs and the device. Moreover this enables synchronization of the data among devices operating on Windows 10 and is offered through a distribution by Windows Story that is unified (Felt et al., 2014). Developers are allowed cross-buys wherein license purchased for an application is applicable for all devices of the user that are compatible. Herein, the version bought by the user on the personal computer will be entitled with use of mobile version without any other charges.
The security component of this system facilitates technology of multi factor authentication which is developed on the basis of FIDO Alliance standards (Sato et al., 2010). This involves enhanced support for authentication that is biometric based with the use of Passport platforms and Windows Hello. The credentials are protected with the use of encryption that is asymmetric. Additional features are provided in the enterprise version including option to set up policies in regard to sensitive data automatic encryption and block the applications selectively preventing access of data that is encrypted.