就像H的例子一样。内侧颞叶的任何问题都会导致陈述性记忆的问题,但非陈述性记忆的形式仍然完好无损,就像学习任何启动技能一样。医学颞叶的重要性在于,它们保留着指向记忆痕迹位置的指针。这些痕迹在中颞叶发育或形成过程中储存在皮层中。考虑到编码阶段,事件的所有不同方面都被认为存储在该区域,非陈述性记忆对于学习任何技能仍然是完整的(Howe et al., 2015)。不同的大脑皮层在存储信息方面发挥着各自的作用,比如气球的颜色存储在视觉皮层,背景音乐存储在听觉皮层(Thompson, Waskom, and Gabrieli, 2016)。然而,回忆一个特定的事件比仅仅记住简单的事情要多得多。
它不仅需要同时访问这些问题将有助于更好地理解的不同方面或情况,而且还需要访问诸如事件如何发生、在哪里发生以及何时发生等问题。海马体所能储存的摘要类是对所有事件的表征。它们有指向这些痕迹的指针,这些痕迹分布在整个大脑皮层,被称为索引。它很像书的索引(Howe et al., 2015)。在陈述性记忆的编码过程中,会产生两种表现形式,如海马指标和分布的皮层痕迹。有些记忆有持久的印象,而另一些记忆没有高的影响,这就是所谓的巩固记忆。当回忆起一些记忆是困难的,并不意味着有损失,它只是意味着,它还在深处,只是无法接近。还有外部和内部过程的检索,这可以是自愿的,也可以是非自愿的。遗忘可以由内侧颞叶产生(Bright et al., 2006)。


As seen in the case of H.M, any problem done to the medial temporal lobe causes problems in the declarative memory, but forms of non-declarative memory still remain intact like learning of any skill to priming. The importance of the medical temporal lobe is because they retain the pointers which points to the location of the traces of memory. These traces are stored in the cortex during the development or formation of mesial temporal lobe. Considering the encoding phase where all the different aspects of the events are thought to be stored in the region the non-declarative memory still remains intact to the learning any skill (Howe et al., 2015).Various cortex plays their role in storing the information, like colours of the balloons gets stored in the visual cortex , the music played in the background get stored in the auditory cortex (Thompson, Waskom, and Gabrieli, 2016). However, recalling of a particular incident takes a lot more than just remembering the simple things.
It will not only need simultaneous access to the different aspects or the situations these questions would help in a better understanding, but also things like how, what, where and when it happened. The hippocampus can store the summary kind is representation of the all the events. They have the pointers to the traces which are distributed all over the cortex and it is called as index. It acts very much as the index of the book (Howe et al., 2015).During the encoding of the declarative memory, there will be two representations which would be created like the hippocampal indexes and the distributed cortical traces. Some memories have a long lasting impression whereas other memories don’t have high impact this is known as the consolidation of the memory. When recollection of some memory is difficult, it does not mean that there is a loss it only means, it is still deep inside but it’s just not accessible. There is also the retrieval of the external and the internal process which could be voluntary or involuntary. Amnesia can be produced by the medial temporal lobe (Bright et al., 2006).