essay 代寫-批評人士對阿里巴巴集團控股有限公司有什麼看法


本文主要講批評人士對阿里巴巴集團控股有限公司有什麼看法,阿里巴巴不得不面對許多人的批評。據中國監管機構稱,阿里巴巴銷售假貨。他們出售假冒商品,而這些假冒商品自稱是該公司自己製造的。毫無疑問,該公司近年來取得了很大的增長,並在2014年通過IPO籌集了250億美元,但它經常受到人們的批評(Farrar, 2015)。據該公司執行主席馬雲表示,作為對這些批評的回應,該公司被誤解為他們不真實和不透明,但該公司是為全世界的互聯網而不是僅僅為中國。本篇essay 代寫文章由澳洲論文人EducationRen教育網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Alibaba had to face criticism by many. According to the Chinese Regulatory agency, Alibaba sells fake goods. They sell counterfeit goods which are claimed to be made by the company itself. The company no doubt has seen lot of growth in the recent years and raised $25 billion through an IPO in 2014 but it is often criticized by people (Farrar, 2015).According to Executive chairman of the company Jack Ma, in answer to the criticism, the company is misunderstood that they are not true and transparent but the company is meant for the Internet of whole world and not just for China.
This clearly shows that the plans of Alibaba for future growth is not limited to China but to the whole world. According to the report of SAIC, Alibaba took bribes and allowed the sellers to sell wine illegally and the other goods which need license to be sold. It violated the rules of marketing and also have poor consumer rating (Farrar, 2015).
It has also been accused of stealing the intellectual property and products by western companies. The government of china also accused Alibaba for selling fake goods and for the matters like illegal selling of goods and fake goods. It has allegations of counterfeiting the goods and these complaints and accusations damaged the image of the ecommerce giant among the consumers of the world. The allegations made on white paper and states that it sold fake products and also the products like weapons which requires license. They adopted misleading advertisements and promotions (Tejada, 2015).
The shares of the company tanked after being invested by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, the stocks tanked due to the high expectations of the investors but the sales estimates by the investors were not met. The competition is increasing and it is not easy to move ahead without these criticisms.
But according to the company officials, they have good relationships with the government as they create millions of jobs for the country and giving a change and rise to the industry. It is true as the no. of consumers of the company is huge and it is growing at a very rapid speed. It is tough to determine the correct or incorrect business methods by the companies but ultimately what is visible is the no. of consumers, revenue growth, consumer behaviour or competency in the market. The market share of Alibaba is unimaginable i.e. more than 3/4th of the total market share. Its P/E ratio is high and millions of consumers are making it an ecommerce giant on the internet. The numbers of company shows its dominance in the market (TEJADA, 2015). Despite the criticisms, the analysts forecasts that the company will outperform in the markets and they recommend investors to invest in the company for future.