本篇文章主要讲苹果公司在跨国销售方面的竞争,虽然没有来自立法管理机构的正式确认,但已经被某些非政府组织公司确认(Boussebaa, 2015)。有人抱怨说,为了使生产效率最大化,给员工施加了过大的压力。一些人甚至指责该公司只重视消费者的价值。然而,这并没有对苹果品牌造成任何真正的影响。人们对这些品牌还有很多要求。这个品牌在消费者中享有很高的声誉。这并没有对产品的销售和需求造成任何有形的影响。本篇essay代写文章由澳洲论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Even though there is no official confirmation from the legislative governing bodies it has been confirmed by certain NGO companies (Boussebaa, 2015). There is complaint that undue pressure is put on the employees to maximize productivity. Some even accuse the company of treating only the consumers with value. However this has not caused any real impact to the Apple brand. There are still a lot of requirements by the people for these brands. There is strong patronage for this brand among the consumers. This has not caused any tangible impact on sales and demands of the product.
Various initiatives are taken by Apple in order to reduce their carbon footprint. It has been found that the company has embarked on low cost optimization process that enables the company to reduce wastage (Supply Chain 2015). There is also effective waste management policy for Apple electronics subsequent to production (Linden, Kraemer & Dedrick, 2009). Long term objective of the company is to ensure that production for Apple product are produced from geothermal, thermal or from other renewable resources. Countries around the world have unique legislations that mandates the production process of the company. It has been found that this company is complaint with the rules of the individual nations.
Apple has undertaken many initiatives in the local communities in order to connect with the consumer base. There are different incentives and discounts and offers that has been provided to the target demography.
Owing to the production process of Multinational companies in the emerging countries it has been found to be beneficial for all the stakeholders involved with the individual companies (Edwards & Ferner, 2002). Independent governments have been increase of GDP in the economies. It has been found to be beneficial for the economies of the countries around the world. In the emerging countries there has been increasing patronage for the product. Among the consumer base there is very good brand equity for the product. There is a range of technologies that has been developed subsequent to Apple presence in the countries (Foster, 2015). There has been overall growth in the technology sector. There is also a lot of competition to increase sales figures by the MNC companies like Apple. This creates some inherent issues. They are discussed in detail below.