The Han dynasty abandoned the use of each and every kind of cruel punishment and went on to build the positive ways of Confucianism. The people were chosen on the basis of merit leading to the lesser chances of conflicts. Similarly, the Qin dynasty provided great security for its people. During these times, the Great Wall of China was built which prevented the Mongolians from attacking China. Also, the people of Manchus were treated with respect because of the reforms and the decisions to ban slavery in China. Thus, the dynastic model is a very successful model which helped to provide the essential security for the people of China. Because of the unification which was established under a single rule, the people were able to work together in order to create a successful community. For a large number of years, the China was successful in being isolated without seeking help or interference from a number of nations in the world. Dynastic model was a very unique model build by China without any kind of impact of any other nation. However, as it is said that, each and everything has a negative impact after a long time.
The people of China did not want to do anything with the rest of the world as an impact of dynastic cycle. Because of the same, there was no trading with other countries. They did not do any kind of business with other countries for years. This was something which proved to be fatal for China and a number of countries came up to settle colonies in China. Thus, it leads to the situation of overthrow of the government. Thus, the dynastic model was immensely successful in China and ensured peaceful and prosperous governance for many years. Thus, there can’t be any argument over the success of dynastic model in China. Having a peaceful rule of a single dynasty for over 450 years was nowhere possible in any other dynasty. As a result of dynastic model, the Chinese rule was peaceful and prosperous and was unaffected by any of the outside powers who can have an impact of China. To conclude, it can be accessed that the Dynastic model was immensely successful in China and continued to provide effective governance for over two thousand years.