reference 格式:公司的CSR倡议


reference 格式:公司的CSR倡议




reference 格式:公司的CSR倡议


保护全球环境:这方面的举措包括通过提供绿色ICT来减少碳排放,从而使客户受益(O’Flynn, 2009)。这些努力也集中在减少温室气体排放的内部改革上。





reference 格式:公司的CSR倡议

The sustainability report of the company is closely associated with the CSR initiatives of the company. The various aspects of the sustainability report are derived from the CSR initiatives. Clearly the sustainable reporting of the company does not comply with the G4 guidelines and the reporting has to be improved in order to ensure that the stakeholders derive more information about the business, challenges, opportunities and initiatives taken by the company considering these aspects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an integral part of the companies and not regulatory framework but the genuine concern of the companies has increased its importance. It is important to note that the CSR activities may not be only for the benefit of the society but also needs to be closely associated with the business operations. The CSR activities of Fujitsu focused on:

reference 格式:公司的CSR倡议

Providing Opportunities and Security through ICT: The business operations are employed to provide new values, increased accessibility of ICT and increasing reliability and security through application of ICT.

Protecting Global Environment: The initiatives for this aspect includes benefitting the customers by providing green ICT with a view to reduce the carbon emissions (O’Flynn, 2009). The efforts are also focused for internal reforms wherein greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced.

Enhancing Diversity: these aspects are related to the workforce wherein the reforms in corporate culture are implemented which will enable the individuals from different cultures to flourish. Promotion of work life balances is also targeted.

Human Resource Development: Imparting skills and training to employees to enhance the skill will enable the company in delivering quality products and at the same time will ensure growth prospects for the employees.

Collaboration with stakeholders: The target of the CSR initiatives is to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders.

Based on the above aspects various CSR initiatives have been taken by the company. One of the examples is the application in the flood disaster mitigation by using meteorological simulations. Apart from this there are several initiatives that have been taken across the globe.